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Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

Sludge, Groove Metal
On their Wikipedia-Page Taylor is quoted: "For us our faith is what makes us. We believe in showing our fans respect and kindness. I love it when bands minister, as long as their lifestyle off the stage lives up to their life on stage. Nowadays it is kinda cliche in some markets to be a Christian band but being that in itself is hard and sometimes can put a bull's eye on your back. It is not an easy thing sometimes, but no one is perfect. But living to the standards of what you preach and talk about is a big deal and something we chose to do everyday."
This band doesn't consider themselves as a christian band, but some or all members are christian.


There is currently no "proof" of Christianity. If you know about Lyrics, an Interview or a Post from the band that back up their Christianity, let me know!
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