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"Magnify" is a 13 Minute masterpiece by Diatheke, one of the few bands that only have 1 member. John took the time to write what inspired him to write this song and what he wants to tell us through it.

Magnify admittedly comes directly from King Solomon‘s temple dedication found in 1st Kings 8:22-52. I had two goals for the song: to write the longest worship song I could think of and to illustrate two very equal and significant sides of the character of God. God is loving and merciful. He is there to defend us against our accusers and his ear is open to our cries. God is also just and mighty. Scripture indicates that He is jealous. Not in a sinful way like we can be where we wish we were something or someone we’re not, but God is jealous in that we are His creation and rightfully so, no one or nothing should have ownership of our affection and devotion.

Magnify captures the great love of Yeshua but also depicts Him as a mighty judge who will not let the wicked go easy. In modern worship music, it’s very easy to get caught up on the "feel good" aspects of God, which isn’t a bad thing, but we need to be reminded every now and then that God is unmatched in his power and could very easily take anyone out as he pleases. Thankfully, He chooses mercy and gives us so much time and so many chances to see our faults and our emptiness without Him.

In King Solomon‘s perspective, the common phrase throughout his dedication was how "there is no other". God is holy meaning he is separate from all the other gods of the earth. There is no other.

My favorite line from the song:

"His justice will prevail. There is no other. All the earth knows the Lord is God."

My hope with Magnify is that it will stop us in our tracks to really acknowledge the vast greatness of our God. It’s a 13 minute long declaration of praise to the one who deserves it the most. There is no song, no work of art, no effort by human hands that could ever be esteemed as remotely close in value as the great love and justice of Yeshua. We shall magnify, day and night, His holy name.

Released on
July 12, 2020
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